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In lieu of mother’s day and because my mom is the queen of the hot glue gun, I thought I’d share a DIY project. It’s called “How to Hide Your Fugly Extension Cord and Make it Look Cool and Bring a Little Texture Into Your Space”. It has a nice ring to it no? So here’s what you need and how to do it:

extension cord (13 feet) - the longer the better
200 feet of medium weight jute rope (i got the thick stuff so i didn’t have to wrap as much)
glue gun and glue sticks

How to:
- prep all of your materials: cut the tags off your extension cord and fire up the hot glue gun.
- add a dab of hot glue at the base of the plug nearest the prong end.
- now here’s the hardest part, glue the end of the jute so that it is tucked under the first wrapped loop - it will look like the beginning of a loose knot.
- wrap the jute over the end so it is completely covered.
- continue wrapping 3-4 times, then add another dab of glue and repeat until you run out of jute. 
- but wait! when you are close to running out of jute rope, repeat the knot process from above. remember to add glue first so it stays secured.
- now you repeat the knot process all over again (sigh…) because you are adding more jute rope riiiiiiiight? yes you are, so please repeat the above step.
- continue wrapping 3-4 times and adding a dab of glue until you get to the base nearest the plug end.
- guess what comes next? that’s right! the knot process again (hold your applause please). add the dab of glue, make the knot at the very base, and put the kibosh on this bad boy. viola! you are finished.

That wasn’t so bad was it? Now dance around and celebrate that you no longer have electrical cord ugliness
 dragging down the beauty of all your sexy furniture. Not only do you no longer have to hide this thing, but you’ll actually want to show it off to people. And they will absolutely not think you are weird whatsoever for being so excited about an extension cord.

P.S. It totally looks like my philodendron peed her pants in the second photo.
P.S.S Design sponge had this kick ass and colorful version and Design Love Fest had this easy quick fix version. 

FYI: For those of you worried, this project is not a fire hazard. Yes you should always be cautious when working with wires or electricity, but you are not working with a live wire nor are you cutting the cords or exposing raw wire to fabric. This project is no more dangerous than putting your electrical cord near a rug.

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